Venturi PowerCells
Last a Lifetime

Our high-fault tolerable power storage cell system is based on lithium-ion battery technology with a number of advancements and modifications.  The active materials are held in nickel-plated steel tubes or perforated pockets. It is an extremely robust battery which is tolerant of abuse, (overcharge, over—discharge, and short—circuiting) and can last a lifetime, if so treated.

The system can be continuously charged and is used in commercial power backup situations and lasts for many decades even in operations with high-vibration, high and low temperatures and other physical stress.  Our NiFe PowerCell have no contaminants requiring special handling for hazardous materials.

The PowerCell can be discharged and charged endlessly without any degradation over time and never loses capacity even if the PowerCell is completely discharged and can be recharged to 100% capacity.  No other system can do this.

Unlike other storage systems, the entire capacity is usable.  The system cannot be overcharged, and  it does not overheat.  It performs well under adverse conditions of charging and discharging several times a day.  Venturi PowerCell have infinite charge/discharge cycling capability as opposed to a maximum of 5,000 cycles such as Lithium-ion — this means the PowerCell never needs to be replaced.  

Unlike other battery storage systems, the Venturi PowerCell can be completely discharged without shortening the life cycle.  Another uniqueness is the ability to charge at a higher voltage to completely recharge in as little as 30 minutes. This function is especially effective with Venturi’s advanced wind turbine generator.  The wind turbine has a unique ability to produce very high amounts of electricity.  These unusual properties make selecting and configuring the green energy systems, inverter and charge controller quite different from other storage systems. Our engineers work with each and every customer to make sure all components are harmonized to ensure optimum performance.

Keep in mind, the quick charge capability.  Lead times for other systems is a 12-16 hours and up to 36-48 hours for large systems.  Compare that to as little as 30 minutes for our PowerCell.


Chemical System: lithium-ion

Electrolyte Chemistry: Environmentally safe Potash Electrolyte Mineral Fluid

Electrolyte Refresh Rate: Suggested every 7-10 years for maximum performance

Terminal Poles Cell-to-Cell Bus: Nickel, Copper

Vents: Arresting Flip Vents and Hydrogen Harvest

Nominal Voltage per cell: 1.35 2.8 Volts high-charge

Charging Voltage per cell: High-charge

Cycle Life: Unlimited Charge Cycles

Shelf Life: 85 years

Operating Temp: -60 to +200 F

Warranty: Lifetime

Technical Support: unlimited for the life of Battery


No explosion even in short

No noxious chemicals

High tolerance to abuse

100% recovery of capacity 

Zero toxicity

Completely recyclable

No reverse polarity conditions

Large capacity — 600,000 Ah

4MW high-density in a single container

No required cooling

No rapid voltage discharge

No battery management system is required

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