About us

Venturi designs, develops, and manufactures the most advanced green energy producing systems in the world.  From our award winning technology in motor generators to high efficiency electricity producing micro wind turbines, and improved NiFe power cell electricity storage systems - which last a lifetime.  No other technology or company compares. 

Venturi is the only modular motor generator design to enable radial arrangement of coils and magnet arrays, developed to create more clean inductive electricity -- the best news is, they are 150% more efficient.

Venturi has radically improved electric motor generator efficiency and eliminated heat generation at the source - overcoming the No.1 source of electricity inefficient production.

Venturi Micro Wind Turbines, our team of engineers and consultants, including several universities, have developed a proprietary technological advancement in meeting the world's energy needs with the advent of a lower-cost, more efficient Accelerator Wind Turbine.  It delivers clean wind power at a lower cost than any existing power generation technology.

PowerCell, unlike other storage systems, the entire capacity is usable.  The system cannot be overcharged, and  it does not overheat.  It performs well under adverse conditions of charging and discharging several times a day.  Venturi PowerCell have infinite charge/discharge cycling capability as opposed to a maximum number limitation cycles such as Lithium-ion — this means the PowerCell never needs to be replaced.  

“I had a chance to run the numbers based on our conversation and the actual wind data for Albany, and my calculations suggest that each of the 3 meter turbines would produce about 14 mWh per year, which is quite a bit better than the next best product on the market.” 

-Alexandra Tepper, ME Engineering.  https://www.meengineering.com

What others say. . .

MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Prof. Guy Montpetit, PhD     


"Venturi incorporates a series of very practical features and represents a significant jump in the efficiency of most electrical devices. The device can solve a number of situations where energy is the costliest part of the problem."

- Dr. Gary Benninger, PhD Physicist          https://www.linkedin.com/in/gary-benninger-90548a34

"Exhausting testing to date consistently shows the unit operates close to 100% efficiency."