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Our Venturi patent suite, brings the design of the electric motors generators into the 21st century. Venturi is the only modular motor generator design enabling radial arrangement of coils and magnets which, while rotated, creates more clean inductive electricity — and the best news is, they are 150% greater in efficiency.

Standby 200 EKW

Enclosure: Optional

  •  No servicing to the CSRV rotary valve system for the life of the engine
  • Longer oil change intervals
  • Multiple fuels: Hydrogen, Natural Gas,         Propane, Diesel, Flare Gas
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Lower harmful emissions emitted

Control Panel

Computerized and Analog Instrumentation

  • KW KVA @ .95+ Power Factor
  • Compression 60 HZ – 1800 RPM, 50 HZ – 1500 RPM


11.8 to 1   Prime 150 (200)   Prime 130 (185)

8.5 to 1                143 (190)                125 (150)

Standard Equipment

  • Engine CSRV 14 855
  • Wet Sleeve Block 6-cylinder, 4 cycle
  • Turbo Charger
  • After Cooler


  • High demand delivery greater than 200kW
  • Voltage Regulation
  • Inverter Generator
  • Higher Efficiency
  • DC Output Standard + or – .05%
  • Brushless
  • Sparkless
  • Field Repairable
  • Field Configurable
  • Hazardous Environment Compatible
  • Multiple Voltage Independent Outputs 

Engine CSRV 855 2102 6 CYC 4-Cycle Turbo

Charged After Cooled

  • Design: 4-Cycle, Water-cooled, Turbocharged, after cooled
  • Bore:5:50 (140MM) Stroke: 6.00 (152MM)
  • Piston Displacement: 855 cubic inches (14L)
  • Twin OH CSRV Spherical Rotary Valve System
  • Starting: 24-Volt, Negative ground
  • Cranking Current: 550 AMPS
  • 40 AMP battery charging
  • Cummins East from cylinder block: replaceable wet liners

Air Induction

  • IMPCO high altitude, Low pressure Gas System
  • Dry element air cleaner
  • Lube oil capacity: 38 US Quarts (36L)
  • Lube oil required: API CD 15W-40
  • Maximum lube oil consumption: 25 US Quarts

Venturi has radically improved electric motor generator efficiency and eliminated heat generation at the source – overcoming the No.1 source of inefficient production of electricity.

“We have completely redesigned the windings in a modular style arranged into petal-like flower arrays allowing removal and replacement at will – even while the motor generator is running.”

Magnetronics, Denis, Chief Engineer

Several technological advantages are present in our Magnetronics motor generators.  They provide high efficiency and ultra-low operating costs, the lowest cost per horsepower of any motor generator to date — and it is the least expensive and easiest to service.  The applications for our motor are endless from powerful 700MW hydro plant electricity generator type systems to electronic bicycles.

Venturi is at the forefront of efficiency revolution, as virtually all industries seek higher efficiencies and cost savings by way of technology advances.  Our designs enable capture of the magnetic field reducing loss and increasing voltage and current.  This means—putting the same energy into movement of conventional generators, we make more useable electricity! 

Venturi motor generators  have an “open Bell Curve” as shown.  As a result, the faster our motor generators turn the more electricity we generate.  Our motor generators do not suffer from RPM limitations driven by coil saturation of conventional generators.

Our technology advancement, tested and proven, is both modular and scalable, and fully analogous to the jump from the telegraph to cellular phones. Generators commonly used in the industry cannot be repaired in the field. They are either discarded or must be taken down with expensive equipment in fair weather and returned to the factory for a complete breakdown and rebuild resulting in high repair costs and low real efficiency, and experience high operating costs.  In complete contrast, our Magnetronic Coil Windings require capital-simple manufacturing processes which are simple, modular, free of iron, easy to scale, and are easily field replaceable while the motor is in operation. 

Performance Summary

The graph below shows the advantage of the Venturi system in cost per 1000 barrels (kbbl) when the recovered wellhead gas was being sold and otherwise diverted to run the Venturi system. The percentage savings on fixed operating fuel cost for the Magnetronics system over the current electric utility supplied original system is approximately 53% per kbbl for the well site. 

The future of our technology is very bright.  The motor generator’s calculations by refinement of the rhythm control circuitry can be substantially increased.  This means more usable electricity with little input to generate it.  Only a small current of electricity will be required to begin a process of electricity generation infinitely. In conjunction with a prime mover to start the generator motor, it has the ability to run the engine in a “constant state” without additional operating overhead of a prime mover.

It must be emphasized the values used in our calculations are conservative. For instance, with some sites, additional savings can be expected. Sites that do not currently have electrical service will realize much more cost savings because the huge initial burden incurred as fees or installation charges will not be required. For this report, we used the lowest billed cost per kW-Hr for the site. Many sites will incur higher rates since the peak demand rate at startup is higher. 

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